“An Opportunity Too Good To Turn Down”: An Interview with Ella Brown

‘Passionate, Professional, Personable.’ That’s our motto here at Rapid. We’re passionate about what we do. We always work in a professional way. And, as you’ll discover when you work with us, we go to great lengths to make sure there’s always a person on the end of the phone, not some automated robot.

So, to help you get to know even more about the people behind Rapid, we’ve put together a special series of interviews that dig a little deeper into what motivates us to help you save time and money and make working away feel that little bit closer to home.

In the hot seat today we have a brand new recruit, Ella Brown, who recently joined the Rapid team to help provide our clients with even more support as our company continues to grow. We drop into the chat with Ella talking about her background:

ELLA: I’ve pretty much worked at every stage of a business trip, from booking hotels to literally working on check-in and as a member of the cabin crew.

RAPID: That’s interesting. So you worked on the airlines, right?

ELLA: Yeah, for a few years. Though it feels like much longer – it’s a pretty stressful environment.

That said, I worked for a few smaller airlines and – despite the stress – it was a great experience.

It’s also perfect to have that knowledge for this new role. It means I can relate to our clients and who are traveling by air and understand the different needs they might have at different points of a journey.

RAPID: That’s pretty useful. But your experience is even more appropriate for Rapid isn’t it – with all the connections you’ve made over the years?

ELLA: Definitely. I was previously part of the team at Modal Training. It’s a great company and I loved my time working with them. I thought I’d be at Modal forever. The only reason I left is because I’ve always admired Rapid and just couldn’t turn down the opportunity.

It works out well as many of the clients I was lucky to work with at Modal use Rapid too, so it’s ideal. Working in that industry – logistics, offshore training and the like – it helps, as it’s where a lot of Rapid’s clients are too. It feels like it’s a really natural transition.

RAPID: That’s great. Whenever you join a new team it’s always nice to have those connections already. But of course, there are plenty of new challenges on the horizon for you, right?

ELLA: Ha. Yes. There sure are. But it’s exciting. I can’t wait. I think the main thing is dealing with the growth of Rapid. The client base has grown and the contracts and requirements are getting ever larger, both on a national and international basis.

RAPID: It’s happening fast isn’t it?

ELLA: It sure is. In one way it’s surprising how fast things are moving. But in another way, it’s not surprising at all.

As I say, I’ve followed what the guys have been up to for a few years now and it was obvious something good was going on.

I’m really pleased to be a part of it now and will hopefully help make things even better.

My first goal is to get to know all the existing clients. I think it’s the strong relationships Rapid make with their clients that is key it its success. Key to OUR success, I should say. Yay – I can say that now.

RAPID: You can indeed. In fact, as an official member of the Rapid team, I have to ask you what your favourite film is? We ask everyone.

ELLA: Oh that’s a good one. Oh dear, what do I say?

RAPID: What’s the first one you think of, even if it’s embarrassing?

ELLA: The Batman Trilogy. The new films. With Christian Bale. I love those.

RAPID: Great choice. The Christopher Nolan films are really good.

ELLA: They are. But I love Batman generally. I’m a real geek for comic book stuff, DC and Marvel. I actually have a Batman-themed bathroom.

RAPID: A what?

ELLA: Haha. Yeah, a Batman-themed bathroom. I could blame it on my son but I’m probably guiltier for it, if I’m honest.

RAPID: Well – you never know what secrets people have at home. Ha. When you’re not hanging out in your Batman-themed bathroom, what do you get up to?

ELLA: I’m a crime-fighting vigilante by night…only joking. I’m a big gym person. But only so I can enjoy more wine without the guilt. I used to do a lot of dancing too…hip-hop, ballroom, Latin…a real mix.

RAPID: Interesting. Could this be the beginning of a Rapid Strictly Come Dancing event? We’ll see.

ELLA: Ha. We will see indeed. I’m a bit rusty, though. Aside from that, I love Formula One as well. You’ll often catch me shouting instructions to the drivers on the television on a Sunday. I’m sure they can hear me.

RAPID: The Bernie Ecclestone of Rapid – who knew? OK. I won’t keep you much longer, Ella, as I know you’ve got a lot to do as you get settled into your new role. One last question: how do people get in touch with you?

ELLA: Just call. It’s best to give us a shout on the Rapid number so if I’m not there at that moment, one of the team will be on hand to help.

You can reach us at 0330 090 41 42 and whether it’s me or one of the gang, we will be more than happy to help you and figure out how we can support your business.

RAPID: That’s ace. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Ella. And welcome to the team – it’s great to have you on board.

ELLA: Thank you. It’s great to be here and can’t wait to get started.

And there we go – a great insight into the newest member of our team, Ella Brown.

As Ella mentioned, she’ll be helping drive Rapid forward and is keen to speak to companies of all shapes and sizes about how we here at Rapid can help with your business travel and accommodation.

So, before booking your next work trip, why not get in touch with us first to see how we could help. You can call us direct on 0330 090 41 42 or email info@rapidaccommodation.com

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