A Brand New Look As Rapid Speeds Successfully Into The Future

We’re so excited to announce the launch of a brand new look for us here at Rapid Accommodation.

You see, every day across the UK, we welcome more and more happy clients under our wing to make sure all their business accommodation needs are met.

In fact, it’s been six years since we started making business trips more fun and in that time we’ve grown faster than we ever imagined.

It’s this simple process that’s got us where we are today – and it’s why we’ve got so many happy clients.

But as we grow, we want our brand to echo that simplicity. We want our core values and fun personality to shine through in every aspect of our business.

A new look that reflects our future plans

A huge part of what we offer is a personal service to our clients – it’s one of the many qualities we’re valued for. And we recognised, although we’ve grown to love our previous identity, we needed to make a change to move forward.

By rebranding, it also gave us an opportunity to evaluate our mission statement, our core values and even rethink our strapline.

After a lot of discussion, various design meetings and numerous ‘tweaks’, we finally achieved the look we believe will help us lead the company even further.

Brighter, lighter and a lot more fun, you’ll see our new brand suits us down to the ground.

Designed with The Creative Agency, our new identity also introduces our virtual ‘Travel Assistant’, who perfectly represents our young and passionate team, always on hand to help you on your trip.

It’s taken a lot of work. As with everything we do here at Rapid Accommodation, we wanted it to be a team effort and we’ve made sure everyone is proud of what we’ve produced.

Our new identity encompasses everything we stand for. It’s personal, fun and just a little bit weird. We think we’ve hit the mark and hope you like the new look as much as we do.

Remember, when it comes to business accommodation, as your ‘Travel Assistant’ we’ll do whatever it takes to make your trip away feel much closer to home.

It’s what we’ve done for the past six years, and with our new look and success driving us forward, we’re excited to do it for many more.

The Rapid Team

What Rapid Did On World Sleep Day – PJ’s and Pizza

When the World Sleep Day Committee organised an entire day devoted to the importance of sleep, part of the Rapid team sprung into action. The Team celebrated World Sleep Day by getting cosy, and dressing in what they wear to bed, but in the office. All for a good cause, to bring awareness to sleep related issues.

The day kicked off with one member of the team getting ‘accidentally’ locked out of the office – we can’t imagine how this happened. Kitted out in full-on pj’s and sleep accessories, she happened to get stuck in the corridor, at the very same time a certain handsome chap from the company opposite walked by. Then In the spirit of celebrating sleep, it was pizza for lunch.

If you want to get into bed with the Rapid Team, come and join us at Offshore Wind Connections Annual Conference on 25-26 April at Double Tree by Hilton Hull.

How To Survive Working Away From Home

If it’s part of your job description to work away from home, you will know the feeling of constantly being away from loved ones and living out of a suitcase.

There are many steps you can take to make the experience of being away from home an enjoyable one. First of all, make the most of having some quality time to yourself, find time to do something you enjoy, whether it’s going to the local gym, walking or just relaxing with a book. (Or you can take advantage and have a sneaky takeaway…).

Have a plan

Connect regularly with loved ones and consider bringing some home comforts with you, such as photos of your family, friends and pets, which can be a great support during your long days away.

Socialising and bonding with colleagues after work will give you a sense of community and it will certainly take your mind off being away from home.

To ensure that you always have the best, at Rapid we make it our aim to select the best of accommodation to reflect your expectations and make your days away more pleasurable.

Win A Luxury Weekend Break With Rapid Accommodation


As a big thank you for your valued custom, we are giving away one of our stunning log cabins including your own personal hot tub.

This week we thought we would give one of our fabulous customers who books accommodation with us this week, the chance of winning a weekend away at Willow Lakes Leisure Park situated in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

The lucky winner will be selected completely at random.

Interested in winning a beautiful log cabin and bringing the whole family?

Just imagine de-stressing and escaping to the tranquil outstanding natural beauty that the Lincolnshire Wolds has to offer, all in one place.

This really is a prize suitable for everyone’s tastes with local amenities, mouth-watering restaurants in close proximity, plenty of fishing on site plus and an 18-hole golf course just up the road.

Good luck everyone…

Terms and conditions apply. Click here to download.

What Do Our Clients Look For When Working Away From Home?

In today’s society, numbers are rising for people working away from home, and getting accommodation just right, makes for a much happier and committed workforce.

At Rapid Accommodation we always have our ear to the ground, especially when it comes to listening to exactly what our client’s individual needs and choices are. We aim to provide all those home from home comforts, and with 100% success rate, we’ve never let anyone down.

At the end of a busy working day, our clients can kick back and unwind, knowing that all their needs are being taken care of. Being able to guarantee benefits such as inclusive WiFi, secure parking that’s also suitable for work vans, are big on the list of what clients want from our accommodation.

For some, priorities include having a gym close by, and the option of early breakfast times to fit in with work schedules, when staying in catered for accommodation. For others, cancellation policies to fit in with job changes are a must.

Bespoke Solutions

Part of the package we offer, is to check out the route to your accommodation ahead of time, avoiding any roadworks, and making sure you get to your destination with no hiccups.

At Rapid Accommodation, we pride ourselves on being very cost conscious and make sure the options of hotels and self-catering is always suited to your budget and duration of stay.

It’s not surprising that clients want bespoke solutions, as no one size fits all. Being able to provide the best-tailored choices to meet specific needs ensures that our clients know they are getting the best possible outcome.

We Go The Extra Mile To Meet Our Clients Requirements

At Rapid Accommodation, our business hinges on client relationships. Service quality and satisfaction, positive customer experiences and communication, are all vitally important to us.

We make the time to find out about much more than just your budget and locations, we make it our business to get to know you and your company, and the people who will be doing the travel. Client’s individual likes and dislikes are paramount to us – Rapid Accommodation can provide an individually tailored service of what works exactly for you.

Our clients always come first

We always deliver what we promise, and we love taking the stress out of the whole travel process for you, so you are free to focus on your business trip. As well as providing a bespoke service, we can give you instant access to great rates across the UK – priding ourselves on never failing to find suitable accommodation.

Our clients are at the forefront of our organisation and always come first, and we will always go that extra mile for them.

The Business Travel Show 2018

This week, the Rapid Accommodation team is taking the opportunity to make an appearance at The Business Travel Show, on 21-22 February 2018 at Olympia, London.

The Business Travel Show opens its doors for the 24th time and is Europe’s largest industry conference and exhibition. The show brings together thousands of international industry bods all in one place – more than 7,500 European professionals will be treading the boards with us.

The long established show will give Rapid Accommodation the opportunity to gain the latest knowledge and contacts in the market, giving us an in-depth look at what’s new and current, what works and what doesn’t, and an insight into valuable information of new trends and resources.

A comprehensive overview of the market

In gathering together all the significant industry people, The Business Travel Show helps us to make contact with a large number of people, products and services at the same time, so we can have a comprehensive overview of the entire market.

From airlines to hotels, and the latest in travel technology, we will also be attending a number of specialist seminars, all of which helps us to develop the most successful and up to date travel programmes for our clients – to help find ways to continue to meet our client’s needs.

Keep Romance Alive By Taking Your Partner With You On A Business Trip

Business travel is often anything but glamorous, but by focusing on the potential benefits, like taking your partner along, you can get more out of your time together. Not only will you both have a much more meaningful personal experience, the trip can have the positive effect of building resilience in your relationship.

Make time for both of you in the itinerary for some joint R&R, then maximise it. If you are both foodies, enjoy everything a new place has to offer, including staking out the best restaurants. If history is your passion, taking advantage of time out of a work schedule, could mean having the rare opportunity of exploring museums and historical sites together in an exotic or different location.

Good for Business

Taking your loved one with you on a work trip, can actually be good for business, it can enhance positive social connections and aid business dealings. Inviting your partner out to dinner with a business associate can help the business bonding process – it forces you to push conversation beyond business, and into the realms of life outside of work.

Its a well known fact that communication is key for any relationship, but it doubles in importance when that relationship must stand the test of travel. Its crucial that each person in the relationship bridge the geographical distance, by consistently meeting one another’s emotional needs. By taking your partner on a business trip, instantly turns business travel into pleasure, and for some, it may even be an opportunity to use the end of their trip as the beginning of a holiday together in the same city, with the added benefit of airfare savings that are hard to beat.

Customer Relationship Management

The perception of business travel being only about managing a booking system, is outdated – business travel continues to rebrand itself through the trend for integration and automation. What is often missing within our industry, is the value added by real people.

This is where CRM comes in – Customer Relationship Management – the practice of building meaningful relationships with customers and suppliers. Because good mutual relationships are at the very heart of who we are, we’re using dedicated software to track vital data from many sources (websites, social media, calls, chatting with clients on a regular basis, mail, and email), which in turn, allows Rapid’s team to place the wants and needs of our clients at the forefront of our business.

Client expectations are growing, and it is not enough to simply book business travel – there has to be the ability to maintain a good client relationship built on trust, that no amount of advertising or marketing can achieve as effectively as one-on-one dialogue, and the intimate knowledge of a clients lifestyle, and what makes them happy.

The integrated shift in thinking, has driven a new blend of personalised digital marketing, which should sit alongside face-to-face Customer Relationship Management, where the thinking is ‘the customer is king’ rather then ‘just the content.’

Are you claiming all the VAT you’re entitled to?

Once your colleagues and contractors have returned from their business stay, one of the first things to do is collect their receipts. However, they may have misplaced a few, spilt coffee on them or the accommodation provider hasn’t included the right information. Perhaps the receipts don’t have a printed VAT number, or maybe the business isn’t actually VAT registered at all…

A company who spends £500 on accommodation per week could easily lose out on almost £4,500 of VAT each year!

We understand how frustrating this can be, which is why there are some things to look out for from the agencies that book your business stays.

It’s all in the invoicing

We provide carefully-crafted invoicing as a part of our accommodation booking service – to ensure that all the necessary information you need is included in one easy-to-process document. Each invoice will be formatted with the correct address, company and contact details, as well as the right VAT rates and totals so you can claim back every penny that you’re entitled to.

As you’re researching booking agents, you may come across some that are not based in the UK. You should be aware that if you use their services and pay online, you cannot claim the VAT. While making sure all expenses are claimed is essential, it’s just as important not to misclaim.

Here to help

Managing expenses is a valued part of our service. We know this as one of our largest clients began working with us for this reason; we’ve helped them to save thousands of pounds in VAT that was otherwise being lost! If you have any questions about our accommodation service and how we help to streamline your post-business stay admin, get in touch. Our Accommodation Advisors are ready, waiting and more than happy to help.