How To Eat Healthy When Working Away From Home

It’s late.

You’re tired after a long day of meetings.

And worse still, you didn’t get a chance to eat properly all day.

Now you’re starving.

There’s a McDonalds across from the hotel and there’s the hotel restaurant itself, which is still open. But that means going out again and you need to be in bed early for another hectic day tomorrow.

Room service it is.

A questionable burger, some cold chips. A bottle of beer.

Your diet is out of the window.


Eating well: the hardest part of life on the road

Watching what you eat is one of the hardest parts of traveling for work.

Yet few people really talk about it.

Even fewer sympathise.

But the problem is, without really noticing it, when you’re on the road, calorie counts can soon get out of hand.

One minute you’re stocking up on a service station snack…

The next you’re forced into ordering late night room service.

And we’ve not even considered all the corporate dinners you might have to attend when networking.

Sure – to many it sounds like you’re living the life of Riley, eating out all the time, drinking and meeting new people.

But in reality, the nature of your unsettled routine away can seem like it’s FORCING you to eat more than you would do at home.

And that’s a problem.

We get it.

We’ve been there too.

So, to make things easier, we thought we’d share a few tips to help keep the diet on track, whilst still letting you enjoy the odd treat.

It’s all about preparation

Preparation is key.

You see it’s often the convenience of service stations, vending machines and fast food restaurants that leads to a bad diet on business trips.

It’s much easier to get your hands on a chocolate Twix than a fruit twist.

So, make sure – before you even leave for your business trip – you stock up on healthier options.

Cereal bars. Fruit. Salads. It all helps.

Then, make sure they’re easily available.

By that, we mean stock your car…your coat…your luggage or your laptop bag.

Even if it’s just a cereal bar in your jacket pocket or an apple in your briefcase – it’s better than buying something too sugary from the shop in a rush.

Start the day well

Another top tip…

Eat a big breakfast while you’re on the road.

In fact, eat breakfast like a king goes the old saying.

And it really is the perfect advice for business travellers.


Well, if you start the day with a good, filling breakfast, it will make it much easier to avoid snacks later in the day.

Load up on protein-rich foods. Eggs are great. Yoghurt with plenty of nuts and oats is good too.

Alternatively, you can stock up on the protein bars you’ll find in most supermarkets these days.

Either way, the protein will give you the energy you need for the day and help you avoid snacking.

Keep a water bottle with you

It’s the simple things that help the most and this final little tip will help more than you realise…

Keep a plastic water bottle with you at all times and drink water regularly.

Easy, right?

Yet if you’re feeling peckish or feel yourself leaning towards something your partner would scold you for having…a good drink of water will help stop the craving.

On top of that, drinking plenty of water while you’re away will also help flush out any toxins you might have picked up from one too many networking drinks and help keep your skin looking fresh (even at that silly o’clock ‘breakfast meeting’).

So, make sure you think ahead and stock up on healthy alternatives to sugary snacks…

Take the time in the morning to have a good breakfast and get set for the day…

And drink plenty of water throughout your day to help keep hunger at bay.

Follow this advice and you’ll feel a whole lot better when you get home from your next business trip.

Oh, and if you do ever get stuck for a place to eat that offers something a bit healthier, don’t forget…

When you organise your business accommodation with us, one of our helpful travel assistants is on hand 24/7 to help you figure out restaurants in the local area.

To find out how we can help source the best cafes and eateries for you, as well as take care of the hotel booking itself – give us a call on 0330 090 4142 to chat.

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